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When I was home last week in Indianapolis, I had a lot of trouble sleeping. Even if I went to bed early from regular exhaustion from the day’s activities, I would wake up at odd times with tons of energy.

If I had been home in LA, I would have attributed it to stress. But for a week-long vacation in Indy, I had absolutely no stress to worry about.

Many nights I couldn’t get to sleep at all, which is odd for me. The first couple nights I figured it was adjusting to the time change- I was trying to go to bed at 8 pm my time which is often only when my night starts.

I kept thinking I’d exhaust myself to the point where it would all even out, but I never quite got my sleep schedule on track there. Looking back, I think I know why.

It happens to be on occasion when I’ve had a (rare) lazy day in LA where I don’t exercise AND don’t spend the entire day and night working. I’m just restless. I get totally restless. I have too much energy my body is used to expending, and it doesn’t want to sleep until we’re done.

And I think that’s what happened in Indy. I didn’t exercise like I’m used to, so my muscles and body had all this extra energy it wanted to get rid of. Sure, I hadn’t slept much. Sure, my days were packed with lots of activities. But, for the most part, I still had reserves of energy my body wanted to use.

So… when I get back to LA (I’m currently at the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin) I’m gonna try and work out twice as hard to deplete some of those reserves and hopefully get back to sleeping like a rock.



Yesterday, I went with my mother to her favorite form of exercise…Zumba

Now, I don’t know if you guys know this…but Zumba is an experience.

First of all, for whatever reason, old people love it. It’s as confusing as why old people love Florida. Anybody can live in Florida. Lots of non-old people do. But it’s known for having a bunch of crotchity old ladies around. Zumba is the same way.

It was me, my mom, another “Red Hat Society” lady and the instructor (who was much closer to my age than the other ladies). And- to be fair- it was actually a pretty good cardio session. The instructor approaches it as a workout meant to burn calories and improve your fitness, which was cool. Plus, she was one of the good instructors who has a great time and inspires you to just let go and let loose. She does the moves whole-heartedly but doesn’t stare at you to make sure you get them right. She figures you’ll watch her and catch on. Which you do. Eventually. Sort of.

I always get self conscious in those classes. Even when I’m the youngest and/or fittest in the room, I’m convinced that I have to over-achieve. It’s dumb but it’s my mind set. This instructor was really good about not making me feel silly when I was clearly off beat and spinning when nobody else was.

And that happened often. Especially during the Cumbias and Reggaeton songs. I couldn’t find those beats for the life of me. But during the Indian/Irish remix…I tore it UP. And the best part about the music? All the songs are specifically created for Zumba classes. So if for a second you forget you’re doing Zumba, the song will likely remind you at some point.

My mom and I both got a great workout. She’s 65 years old and still active. I love it. And I’m glad she’s found a woman in the area who’s really nice and gives her such a fantastic opportunity for a good class. There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing your 65-year-old mom shake her hips to a Pitbull remix while smiling.



I’m visiting my hometown of Indianapolis at the moment. This is limiting my overall workouts, but extremely helpful for my personal recalibration and inspiration.

Plus, it’s nice on my bank account because my mommy and daddy buy me everything. Because I am an adult. And I depend on them to buy me stuff.

Anyhoo, my mommy bought me insoles for my foot. They’re specifically targeted for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. They give a little extra cushioning between your heel and the ground. Which I guess lets the inflamed tendons heal a little bit.

I put them in my running shoes. I haven’t had time to use my running shoes yet. And when I do use them, it will not be for running (just yet) because we have to work back up to that. But I’m excited I’ll have at least something that will hopefully help.

Plus, my parents have a little elliptical machine in the extra bedroom. I was able to elliptical the other day for about 40 minutes without pain. So maybe I’ll give the new insoles  a little spin on the elliptical machine.

That is assuming, of course, my brother isn’t home. If he is, I will probably drink beer and catch up on Breaking Bad instead of working out. I’m still technically on “vacation,” after all.

I didn’t run the race

Yesterday was America’s Finest City Half Marathon.

There were two medals there waiting for me and a packet with my name on it- all that went unclaimed.

Even though I accepted a couple weeks ago that I would not be running this race, it’s still sad to come to terms with. The race is over. I can’t change my mind now. There’s no going back.

I know this was the right decision. I know in my heart, soul, and gut that there are a number of factors that I would have had to push way too hard- and likely hurt myself- to make that race reality. I’m really happy with what I chose to do this past weekend instead of doing the race. I know in the end, it’s the right decision. But I had a lot of time and training invested in that race. I had already visualized the volunteers at the end putting both medals on my exhausted but happy body. I had looked at the race course and thought about how each mile would feel and how I’d pose for the pictures this time. I’d even picked out my outfit.

Like I said, I had a lot invested in this race.

I’m only human, so I didn’t know the best way to go about not running this. Do I try and sell my ticket online at a discount so I can recover some of the costs? Do I call them ahead and talk about my injury and how I wouldn’t be able to run? Do I go anyway and pick up my packet so I can at least get the t-shirt?

I don’t know. I don’t know how to do these things. I don’t know the best way. I don’t know if I did the best thing. I just distracted myself in other work and -though I accepted I wouldn’t be running- I didn’t give up my registration because I think I held out a sliver of hope that maybe my foot would magically heal and all my issues would go away and I could do it after all.

But that didn’t happen. And it can’t happen now. It’s passed. Things change. There’s no going back. I will not get that T-shirt or those medals or pose for those race pics in the perfect outfit I chose.

And that’s ok. But may take a bit to accept.

And I think I’m still taking about the race…right?

All Eyez on Me

pac shirts


I bought a Tupac shirt. I love it. Like, love love love love love it. I’ve had it less than a week. This will be the second time I wear it to the gym. I’ve already washed it so I could re-wear it after my last workout. I will be washing it again tomorrow so I can bring it when I visit Indianapolis this week.

The first time I wore it to the gym, the woman who checked me in said “That’s an awesome shirt.” I responded, “I know.”

It’s like my new comfort blanket. I don’t want to go anywhere without it.

And, for some reason,  I work out really hard when I’m wearing it.

Probably because all eyez are on me.

AM vs PM workouts

Age old question, amiright folks?

In an ideal world, with an ideal schedule, I would love to get up and workout in the morning.

In my reality, with my schedule, I often do not have the time to workout in the morning.

The result is, in order to get my (much needed) workout in, I have to go late at night. I don’t mean after work. I mean like- late at night 10 pm at the earliest.

The only reason I don’t like this is because the gym I go to often supposedly closes at 11 pm, so I don’t get that much time to workout. I like to meander and take my time. Then again, I see a lot of people there until 11, so maybe I should push my luck. Maybe the website is wrong and it’s open until midnight. Maybe I’ll try that tonight. Maybe.

I also have a harder time at night because I get sleepy sleepy or think of a million things I need to do before bed and convince myself to either cut my workout short or skip it altogether.

I also am scared of the people there late at night. For some reason, my gym is packed at night. Much more than in the late morning. And I like to have quiet me time at the gym, which is harder with lots of people around.

I’ve heard some people prefer late night workouts. I prefer working out to not working out… but I don’t think I’m crazy about doing it late at night.


Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be at the gym tonight.


I have a creative mind. Which I’m passionate about and proud of.

My creative mind is really good at coming up with creative ways to get around problems.  This serves me 90% of the time. My mind has come up with an alternative or solution before I even realize there was an issue.

Unfortunately, my creative mind seems to think waking up at a reasonable hour is a problem that needs a solution.

No matter what I do to try and “trick” myself into getting out of bed early so I can have a productive and efficient morning, my creative mind is two steps ahead of me. The new “trick” will work for a day- maybe two. Then my mind will fix the “problem” before I know it, and I will somehow out-smart whatever trick I tried employing and will sleep in.

People say “Have a routine! Have a bedtime! Stick to a schedule!” and while I know in my heart and mind that they’re right- that would help me more than anything else, I would like them to live in my world for a week and try and wrangle this mind, ideas, and goals into a routine schedule. It’s nearly impossible. When you get really excited about a new project you thought up at 11:24 pm and need to spend the next three hours working on it, you need to spend the next three hours working on it. You can’t convince your mind to shut off at midnight so you can go to bed. You can only create. You don’t really have a choice in the matter. It’s a compulsion that you want to serve. Creativity sometimes comes in brilliant flashes that you have to just ride out until the light fades.

And sometimes, you’ve finished a show and should come home and go to bed, but instead you want to get a drink with the people you’ve just spent time performing with. Sure, you could technically skip out on this, but a huge part of performing is performing with people you like and you can’t know if you like people or not if you don’t spend any time talking to them with words that were not prewritten.

I know I need to recognize that my body needs to rest. I know I need to respect the fact that I push hard, and my body need sleep as a result. And I know I should give myself a break and not expect to be able to go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 6 am totally awake and refreshed every day. That won’t fly with my body. Fine.


So if anyone has any new ideas, tips, or tricks for helping motivate to get up refreshed, I’m totally open to them.