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Daggum treadmills

For my training today (which I’m pretending to be all caught up on because I did one long run in one month… yikes), I had to run speed intervals. I’ve actually started to really enjoy these workouts. Maybe it’s because I can channel my inner former-sprinter and because I can talk myself in and out of stuff easier when it’s for shorter periods of time.

Whatever the reason, I was having a grand old run this early morning on a treadmill, when I started noticing that when my treadmill was at the running speed, it was shaking back and forth more than I’m comfortable with.

Quick – but important – sidenote: My gym is notorious for constantly having machines that are broken. At any given point, almost half the machines don’t work. A couple weeks ago I was running on one of the few supposedly “functioning” machines doing intervals only to find out that the belt was incapable of going faster than my jog speed. So…even the functioning machines often don’t work correctly.

Anyway, I’m doing one of my speed intervals and the treadmill is shaking intensely. I got nervous and switched treadmills. Not only was I nervous that the shaking would make the belt do something weird, but it also kind of made me feel fat-like the treadmill can’t handle my weight on it. And I see some BIG people on those things. Didn’t like that shiz one bit.

I stepped on the treadmill just to my right because the two to my left were both “Out of Order.” (See my above tirade.) When I went to do my fast speed on that treadmill, it was barely any faster than my walking speed.

I would like to take this moment to recognize that I could totally go on a badass ramble about how fast I run and how awesome I am to run so fast… but I don’t run all that fast really. It’s nowhere near the supposed capacity of a treadmill. I would love to pretend like “Man, I’m so awesome that even a treadmill can’t handle this speed,” but it’s more like “I run sometimes and sometimes I go faster than slow and any treadmill should be able to handle it because it’s very reasonable.”

To wrap up this epic interval story, I had to move to a treadmill right next to someone running (always an awkward move when there are so many theoretical options- but they were all out of order! It was my only option!) and I had to pick up the intervals halfway through where I had left off.

That treadmill didn’t shake and went what seemed like the right speed (felt very fast and I didn’t like it so I assumed it was the right speed) so I finished my run “successfully.” Technically.

I still felt awkward because I was the girl who kept switching treadmills every five minutes. Blarg.



Eating an entire box of Thin Mints, laying in the sun all afternoon with no sunscreen, and stopping a run short of your goal. All these things feel good for a very short period of time, but are never worth the days of regret that inevitably come afterwards.

Me. Just now. Pretty good, eh?

There May Be Hope…

…and There Will Be Blood.

Actually, there won’t be any blood. It’s just Oscars day here in LA so everything sounds like a movie. There is hope, though! I just finished my first long run in a VERY long time (almost a month!) and I am happy to report I made it!

Sure, I went very slow. Sure, I stopped to pet a few dogs. Sure, it was six hours later than my race will be. Sure, it was absolutely perfect weather. Sure, I barely felt the difference between running and walking- but the point is I did it! One hour, fifty minutes, babies. Run run run. Fun fun fun.

Now it’s time to celebrate with one last Girl Scout cookie before I start my cleanse tomorrow.

Oh god- as of tomorrow I’ve got to exercise while taking supplements and eating a really strict diet.

Oy to the vey.

Zen and the Art of Running

I just started a new book last night called…well if you read the subject of this post, I bet you can gather what it’s called. But if you’re one of those people who skips the big words just to read the fine print, I’ll tell you. The book is called “Zen and the Art of Running.” And so far- it’s really good.

Sure, I’m only one chapter in but they say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But they never said anything about judging a book by the first chapter. So consider this book judged- and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s about changing your perspective on running no matter what your experience level or commitment to the sport may be. You can change your perspective to be a better overall runner who enjoys and is invigorated by any length of run using ancient Zen disciplines and attitudes.

I’ve got a long run tomorrow, so let’s hope that I finish the rest of the book tonight so that I actually complete that run successfully.*

*There’s no way I’m finishing that book tonight. Hopefully the second chapter is entitled, “Get off your lazy ass and go for the run so that you don’t hate yourself even more in 14 days when you have to run 13 miles and you’ve barely trained.”

I think that might be too long for a chapter title. That’s why I don’t write books. Only blogs.

Let’s hope it’s a miracle diet…

I’ve got a race coming up in less than two weeks. It’s another half marathon. I’m actually really excited about it because I love races and half marathons especially. But I’m more apprehensive than last time because, well, I haven’t gone for a long run in over three weeks.

I took a week off after my last run. Then I skipped a long run because of my schedule. Then I skipped another because of sickeness. Then another because of my schedule. And now we’re at two weeks out, and I have yet to run more than five miles.

I’m starting a pretty serious diet/cleanse on Thursday, so I’m hoping it’s a special magical miracle diet that magically makes me much better at running distances.

Right now, that seems to be my only hope.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

The kindness of strangers

Yesterday I started my day with a short but intense 4+ mile run in the beautiful town of La Jolla in San Diego. There is a somewhat notorious steep hill in La Jolla that is difficult to run or bike or walk up. I- for some unknown reason- decided I would run this hill. For fun.

Ugh. What have I become.

The day before I got curious and decided to drive to the bottom and find out just how long the incline goes for and just how long. It’s a solid 2 miles of continuous uphill.

I can do that right. Right?!?

Truth be told, I have a race coming up in a couple months in La Jolla that has a very steep and intense incline around mile 8 so I’m trying to trick myself into believing hills are no big deal. So…

The next morning I got up and did it. I stayed right at the top of the intense incline so I ran the two miles down the hill, turned around and ran the two miles right back up. And it was pretty brutal.

The best/worst part was just at the end of the incline, it gets really steep and you know you’re almost done but you’ve got to push harder than at any point beforehand. It was at that point that I was really pushing and struggling to keep running no matter what and push through. It was also at that point that some stranger in a car leaned out the passenger window and applauded and cheered for me.

It was just a brief moment, but it made a world of difference. Just like the people during races who sit outside for hours blindly cheering on every runner (and I pretend it’s all just for me), this person’s simple and easy act of kindness was enough to help keep me running strong through to the top of the hill, to finish the run with a sprint, and to smile through utter exhaustion.

I think I was more proud of the human race and its impulse towards random kindness than I was for having run an intense two mile uphill.

Though, I’ll admit, I was pretty proud of annihilating that hill, too.

Smile for the camera





Completed my first half marathon of the year (my goal is to do six of these bad boys this year…)

It felt great to finish this at a record (for me) pace (9:17 per mile average)

Despite being tired and focusing hard, I never forgot why I was running in the first place. Because I find it freaking fun.

And since I’m an actress by trade, I can’t help myself when I see a camera…