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I ran.

It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t elegant. It wasn’t graceful.

I listened to a podcast rather than music. I wanted to see how it worked. Worked out fine. Mentally, I was a-ok. The weather was pretty. The sun was perfect. There was plenty of shade and the fresh air was refreshing.

Physically… poopfarts. My legs were still sore from doing a mild amount of stairmaster and some squats and lunges yesterday at the gym. And they were yelling at me the whole time.

Immediately afterwards, I was already sore and shaky. I had to take a quick shower, too, because it was so hot that my legs were starting to itch. I was so sweaty I had to peel the sweaty running pants of me.

I ran 30 minutes. I feel pathetic.

But, I had a lunch with my office and I ate a bunch of sweets because… I ran today. That’ll help me lose weight and look awesome… right? RIGHT?

Oh god. We’ve got quite a journey ahead of us here, folks. Climb aboard.


Motivated Monday.

Alright. I had a few other priorities that started taking over my time. But, even with other priorities on my mind, I did two things that are “cray cray” as the kiddos say.

1. I bought a gym membership.

LA Fitness. Locations all over the country (and city!). Monthly fee. One time signing up fee. I’m stingy. These things are important to me. I bought it a month ago and have been a few times. Not as many as I would like, but that’s because I lacked a goal. I’d go and do stuff and get some muscles sore, but then didn’t see the point. My biggest motivations come from goal-oriented stuff. Which brings us to the second thing I did…

2. I signed up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon.

I’ve run three half marathons at this point in my life, so it’s not like this is groundbreaking. It’s still difficult when you’re out of running shape (like I am right now!) but it’s a goal (other than expensive- again with the stingy!). I difficult goal I can reach towards, work towards, motivate myself to do.

I like those things. Even though I complain about them endlessly.

Speaking of, this morning I went to the gym to start my half marathon training program. I focused mostly on strength training my legs and some stretching (like the program calls for). I already feel sore from just a few weighted squats and lunges.

Waaaaaahhhh. Let’s do this.